Welcome to the hillsides of Siran, near the capitelles (regional type of dry-stone hut), the olive trees and the dry-stone cascades, where you’ll come across countless vineyards made up of numerous oddly-shaped vine branches: the Carignan, the Syrah (Shiraz), the Grenache, all rain-swept by the stormy weather and tortured by the periods of drought. These argilo-calcareous soils give us some really high quality bunches of grapes, genuine clusters of authenticity.


Divided into different plots of land by intersecting walls, the Domaine ANCELY is one of the smaller estates producing the La Livinière wines, but the cocktail of fragrances offered by the garrigue, different spices and red fruits add to our vintages “La Muraille” (The Wall) and “Vignes Oubliées” (Forgotten Vineyards) that extra touch of elegance you will enjoy, followed by a long and intense finish for your delight.


An estate we have longed for and continually improve and care for

About the estate

- Total surface of the estate: 20 hectares of which 85% PDO/PGI (protected designation of origin / protected geographical indication – in French: AOP appellation d'origine protégée)
- Our choice of grapes: Syrah (Shiraz), Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault and Pinot noir

- Plantation density: 5000 vines per hectare


A reasoned development for continuous improvement

The estate saw the light of day when my parents bought the first plots in the 1970’s and pulled up some vines in order to plant the first enhancing varieties of grapes: the Syrah (Shiraz) and the Grenache.

They continued to develop the estate until 1989 and I myself took over from them in 2001 when my mother retired. It was the year I turned 34. 

I know these vines through and through for having observed and handled them and picked their grapes ever since my adolescence.


Summer 2002 :

Transformation of an old cellar into a newly operative one: new vats, stalk separator, cooling unit, wine press). We leave the winemaking cooperative in order to achieve our goal.

We go about things this way: short training, leaf removal, “green harvesting” at the veraison (onset of ripening) and subsequent removal of superfluous smaller grapes (in order to obtain a foliar surface which will allow sufficient exposition to sunlight, to be able to design the weight that is likely to grow on each vine and stem and to respect the 40 hl / ha yield approximately).


September 2002 :

First ever harvest of our independent wine-cellar: hand-picked grapes, carted in small crates (about 35 kg each) and emptied straight into the stalk separator with the utmost caution in the case of the Syrah (Shiraz), the Grenache and the Carignan varieties.

The temperature and the fermentation time are controlled according to the requirements of the quality of the harvest and the vintage.

Following that, the grapes are removed from the vats and transported to the wine press for a period of slow pressing including tasting of samples on a regular basis.

Vinification and barrel ageing supervised by an oenologist.


March 2003 :

Bottling of our first wine, Minervois, “La Muraille” vintage 2002


March 2004 :

Bottling of Minervois La Livinière, “Les Vignes Oubliées” (Forgotten Vineyards), vintage 2002


Even if it was a more straightforward choice for our parents to buy lean and rocky plots of land with little prospect of high yields, these plots have turned out to be of major interest to us with regard to the quality.

And time has proven us right: today, these Forgotten Vineyards have become an integral part of the appellation Cru Minervois La Livinière.



Domaine ANCELY

Place du Soleil d'OC

34210 SIRAN

+(33) 04 68 91 55 43

06 33 17 29 41 / 06 77 05 23 99

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